HSC Info Session 2019

HSC Info Session 2019

HSC is the most important year in a student's life. It influences the pathways they may take, what University they attend, what Course they select, or whether they even choose that path to begin with. But HSC is not just a year for academic gains and realising what you'll do in the next 3 years, it's also a year for personal growth; learning who you are, what you want to do, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can achieve this in that year.

Given the impact it can have on their future, it's no wonder that the HSC brings with it a great deal of stress for the students. Whilst this journey belongs to the students, having the support, guidance and understanding of parents can help to make the HSC experience far easier on students. SABA held it's first HSC Info Session for parents and families detailing this exact matter.

The event included presentations from a Counsellor, Teacher, past HSC student and a parent, whom all discussed the importance of family support in a HSC student's success. The Speakers offered tips on how families of HSC Students can better support them throughout their HSC year.

A Panel Discussion also allowed the speakers to answer questions by the audience, providing more insight and knowledge into the HSC and the HSC Journey.

SABA will look forward to holding the next HSC Session for HSC Students in 2020. Details to be announced soon.

SABA is currently preparing for the 2020 Annual Hazara Awards Night, held in Auburn Town Hall on the 29th of February, 6:30pm.

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