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We’re a group of passionate, young individuals who have built an initiative to make a difference in the Hazara Community.

Our Values

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to ensure improvements and developments within a community is emphasis on the importance of continuously seeking knowledge and education. It is through this and the presentation of the commitment and undeniable capabilities of our people, that we are able to establish self-confidence and spirit within our community.

Passion and Consistency

To spark off this new decade, SABA is honoured to present the 3rd SABA Awards Night 2020 to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our HSC and University graduates.


We held our first Hazara Award Ceremony in 2018 where audiences were introduced to inspiring young talents who excelled in their academic and professional lives and hope to continue this celebration this year.

Support for the Hazara Community

Through programs such as these and others that we hope to hold in the near future, SABA wishes to inspire Hazaras in Australia and motivate the younger generation to aim high and work hard. Our vision is to continue to commend the incredible achievements of our people and to shed light on the determination of a community that deserves so much, to be recognised and celebrated.

" We want to make a difference in the Hazara Community. From the people, for the people."

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our Approach

Our Values



We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our community and to help our community prosper.


We value our recipients, community and their hard efforts. We encourage development and reward their performance.


We consistently work with small organisations and other communities, aiming to develop and enhance the recognitions of minority groups.


Our team members, volunteers and sponsors are committed to our vision in heart and mind.


We recognise that it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our community better and build upon our vision.
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Murtaza Tahiri
Blog Author
Event Coordinator
Murtaza Karimi
Blog Author
Finance Coordinator
Ahmad Javid
Blog Author
Mahnaz Angury
Blog Author
Project Manager
Habibullah Karimi
Blog Author
Social Media Coordinator
Kobra Sayyadi
Blog Author
Digital Designer
Zubaida Tahiri
Blog Author
Applications Manager
Zuhal Hamidi
Blog Author
Vice President
Reza Nasiri
Blog Author
Soghra Sayyadi
Blog Author
Events Planner
Shahida Haydari
Blog Author
Social Media Content Creator
Humayun Hatif
Blog Author
Matin Wafa
Blog Author
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