SABA's Annual Hazara Awards Night 2020


On the Night

On Saturday 29th of February, SABA opened the doors to Auburn's Town Hall to 300+ guests. Guest speakers including Hawa Rezai, Abbas Deljo, Dr. Elizabeth Kramer, Soghra Sayyadi, Matin Wafa and Dorothy Hoddinott were present and delivered incredible insights into their academic worlds. Our top HSC Award Winner; Wahida Yaqubi also presented a speech on her journey through the HSC and what helped her achieve such a tremendous mark.

The beautiful entertainment was supported by Hatif Haidary, and the delicious food was supported by SABA members. A networking session took place prior the event time for guest speakers, award winners, special guests and the community to meet and create connections between individuals from all sorts of fields.
We hope you enjoyed our recent event and would love your feedback here.

Here are some highlights of our event: Photography by Ehsan Nader

What happened?

Incredible Speakers

Our 2020 Speakers have been selectively chosen to speak about their experiences, knowledge and words of wisdom to the youth, in hopes of inspiring them to achieve greater things in life.

Cultural Performance

Our entertainment will be woven with traditional and cultural stories through the traditional instruments that will present the beautiful Hazara culture.

Delicious Food

You'll definitely get to snack on delectable snacks, food and drinks during the break, so you'll keep up the energy for the remaining items!

Wonderful Reception

The SABA team and volunteers will provide the utmost reception during arrival, the break and exit of the event, ensuring all your needs are met.

Quality Content

We can ensure you that you and your family will enjoy the contents of the event and will take away important lessons that'll make a positive impact on your lives.

Friendly Support

We're always happy to help out, so if you have any questions on the night, let a SABA member know and we'll ensure that your needs are taken care of.

Let us know what you thought of our most recent event!